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Article Templates

Some of the article templates we offer deal primarily with planned giving ("PG" after the stock #). Others focus on general estate planning topics ("EP") while others speak to both ("PG/EP").

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A Charitable Tax Credit Primer
This article explains how the charitable tax credit can cut the "cost" of a gift by 50% or more by reducing federal and provincial taxes and surtaxes.

Stock #D1   PG    1090 words
Adoption at any Age
This article introduces the idea of 'the charity child' and several options for effective estate distribution and legacy gift planning.

Stock #WA2   GP/EP    330 words
Appointing a Guardian in your Will
This article conveys the importance of providing for a guardian when there are children in the family and highlights the considerations involved in selecting an appropriate guardian.

Stock #B7   EP    734 words
Cinderella at the Stock Market
Revisiting the classic fairy tale, this article explores strategies to preserve wealth while advancing philanthropy...all before the clock runs out!

Stock #WA3   GP    483 words
Compassion Fatigue
This article offers thoughtful suggestions on shaping an effective plan for charitable giving. Rather than responding on emotion alone, readers are encouraged to be more strategic with their gift plans.

Stock #WA4   GP/EP    613 words
Converting a Bequest to Income
This article explores the benefits of converting a future gift by will (bequest) into a current life income plan, providing attractive benefits to interested donors and often, a major gift to your organization.

Stock #WA5   GP    414 words
Endowing Your Annual Gift
The regular gifts received from your donors help your organization sustain important services.

This article helps donors better appreciate the value of endowing their annual gifts to ensure that their support continues indefinitely into the future. 

Stock #WA1   PG    335 words
This article provides a short history of epitaphs that today, like tombstones, are in less common use. Modern epitaph options for remembering loves ones in meaningful ways are introduced, including ethical wills and named endowed funds.

Stock #WA6   PG    465 words
Executor's Compensation in Estates
This article outlines how to estimate and provide for the cost of administering an estate.

Stock #B8   EP    520 words
Five Reasons to Delay Making or Updating a Will
Five commonly cited reasons for delaying action on drafting or updating a Will are reviewed, with thoughtful responses presented for each.

Stock #WA7   EP    384 words
Giving Appreciated Securities
This article explains and illustrates the benefits of gifting listed securities, taking advantage of the 'double tax savings' features of this specific asset class.

Stock #D11   PG    668 words
Helping Children and Others Now
For various reasons, lending money to children or a charity may sometimes be preferable to giving it outright. This article explores the options of making loans to children and other most effectively.

Stock #A6   PG/EP    710 words
Hoeing your Garden
Drawing on the wisdom of the ages, this article considers why a thoughtful estate plan is also an affirmation of the meaning of life and explores ways in which a donor might wish to make a difference for your organization.

Stock #WA14   EP    389 words
Including Digital Property in your Estate Plan
Prior to the digital age, an estate inventory consisted of deeds, account statements, business interests, and tangible personal property. Now it also includes digital property. This article offers strategies on how to prepare the estate plan to minimize future challenges for the estate administrator.

Stock #WA15   EP    461 words
Invest the Time: Plan Your Estate
An estate plan is more than a Will. Probate fees, proper beneficiary designations, trusts and Powers of Attorney are all important considerations. This article explores the benefits of taking the time to plan your estate.

Stock #A5   PG/EP    724 words
Life Income Gifts
More possible than you thought! This article introduces and illustrates various life-income gifts: the charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust and a gift of residual interest. Emphasis is placed on the features and benefits of each gift plan.

Stock #C1   PG    1345 words
Living in your Gift
A conversation between a prospective donor and a thoughtful gift officer yields important insights on making a residual gift of a personal home.

Stock #WA8   GP/EP    356 words
Living Trusts
This article discusses the uses and tax benefits of inter vivos trusts (made during lifetime) to manage assets, provide for loved ones, reduce or avoid probate taxes and fund charitable gifts.

Stock #H8   PG/EP    826 words
Non-Cash Gifts
This article explores the potential for maximizing tax savings through gifts funded with non-cash assets such as securities, real estate and collectibles. Capital gain exemptions, credit limits and other considerations are discussed.

Stock #D5   PG    770 words
Planning Against Elder Vulnerability
This article conveys the importance of Powers of Attorney in protecting the frail elderly and their estates against outside manipulation.

Stock #A4   EP    521 words
Planning for Incapacity
This article explores the benefits of Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Advance Directives to assure that wishes are carried out in the event of mential incapacity.

Stock #A1   EP    760 words
Planning for the End of Life
Unfortunately, many individuals don't engage in detailed planning. Their estate plan may be incomplete, out of date, or they may have made no advance funeral arrangements.

This article explores some of the reasons why spouses hesitate and offers specific guidance on how they might initiate the planning process.

Stock #A3    EP    1473 words
Retirement Funds - For Saving and Giving
This article explores why tax-sheltered retirement funds are such an effective way to save, and how they can be used successfully in charitable giving.

Stock #P1   PG/EP    710 words
Should You Tell the Kids?
There are several reasons why parents might not want to reveal details about their estates and wills to their children. On the other hand, there are compelling reasons for parents to be open about their estate plans. 

Stock #WA16   EP    449 words
Spousal Trust Created Under a Will
This article discusses the uses and tax benefits of testamentary spousal trusts in various situations.

Stock #H5   EP    580 words
Testamentary Insurance Trusts for Minors
Providing for a young child through life insurance inside a trust may be preferable to using life insurance alone. This article explores the issues and proposes alternate solutions.

Stock #H9   EP    775 words
The Commemorative Gift: In Memory or Honour of Another
This article explores various gift options to honour a loved one or perpetuate a family name through a bequest, outright gift or gift annuity.

Stock #C2   PG    754 words
The Importance of a Will
This article offers compelling reasons why you can't afford not to have a Will.

Stock #B3   PG/EP    343 words
The Many Lives of Life Insurance
This article introduces and illustrates the various uses of life insurance in making charitable gifts.

Stock #F2   PG    989 words
The Will behind the Will
This article explores the personal considerations involved in making or revising a will: to whom will possessions be left, how much to each, and in what form?

Stock #B10   PG/EP    1623 words
Understanding Probate
This article provides an introductory overview of the probate process: what its purpose is, what it includes; what is costs.

Stock #B1   EP    695 words
Understanding Your Will
A Will is still the cornerstone of an effective estate plan. This article advises readers that techniques like joint ownership of property are not adequate substitutes.

Stock #B4   EP    684 words
Uses of Life Insurance
This article reviews the many uses of life insurance and discusses options for funding meaningful legacy gifts cost-effectively.

Stock #WA9   PG    368 words
What You Need in addition to a Will
This article lists and reviews the various documents one should prepare to accompany an up-to-date Will.

Stock #WA10   EP    324 words
What Your Will Covers
This article explores the differences between probate assets and non-probate assets, highlighting the need for effective coordination to avoid unintended consequences at death.

Stock #WA11   EP    428 words
When Equal is not Equal
This article explores issues that arise when a thoughtful parent wishes to treat the inheritances of children 'equally' and uncovers some of the risks that arise, if this outcome is not carefully planned.

Stock #WA12   EP    390 words
Where There's a Will...
This article discusses various ways to make a charitable gift by will (general, specific, residual, contingent or through a testamentary charitable remainder trust) that best fit the reader's situation.

Stock #B6   PG    786 words
Which Spouse Should Claim the Tax Credit?
This article explores the benefits of maximizing the charitable tax credit by proper allocation between spouses.

Stock #D4   PG    714 words
Why We Want to Know
This article explains to the reader why your organization may want to know about a future gift intention by will.

Stock #WA13   GP    339 words
You've Written a Will...Now What?
This article shares sage advice with readers on organizing personal records to make clear their intentions and facilitate the administration of their estates.

Stock #B9   PG/EP    1865 words
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All prices are in CDN (Canadian Dollars)


Use the navigation to the left to find documents in the category that interests you.

All prices are in CDN (Canadian Dollars)

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