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Every communication plan requires informative, inspirational content to engage and educate readers on the different gifts types and their benefits.

We offer a variety of publication titles on numerous gift planning topics, promoting wills and bequests, gifts of retirement plan assets, gifts of life insurance, securities, charitable gift annuities, gifts of real estate and trusts.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, let PhilanthroPlan's publications guide your readers with thorough, up-to-date gift planning information on the topics that interest them.

All booklets, brochures, newsletter copy and other tools are reviewed regularly by experts to ensure absolute technical accuracy. We offer a wide variety of print-ready materials to promote planned giving, including articles, ads, postcards, sample cultivation letters and presentations.

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#1a: Newsletter - Estate Planning at Different Stages of Life
The first issue in our series of four newsletters concerns the estate planning that should be done at each stage of life. It also features a checklist to help the reader determine what remains unfinished in their own plan.
#1b: Booklet - The Elements of an Estate Plan
The booklet offered in this first module in our series of four discusses each item your readers will want to consider when developing their own plans, and which are referenced in the checklist that is featured in the Module 1 newsletter.
#2a: Newsletter - That's Not What I Intended
The second issue in our series of four newsletters discusses various life situations where the absence of a well-designed plan resulted in accidental disinheritance, unwise distributions, and the payment of unnecessary taxes.
#2b: Booklet - An Estate Plan that Expresses Your Intentions
The second booklet in our series of four offers suggestions for developing an estate plan designed to dispose of assets as the reader intends and offers suggestions for assuring that one's thoughtful intentions are fulfilled.
#3a: Newsletter - Selecting a Lawyer | Assembling Needed Information
The third issue in this series of four newsletters lists the variety of information items that need to be assembled for meetings with the lawyer and other advisors and offers pointers on how to select these professionals.
#3b: Booklet - Record of Estate Administration
The culmination of an estate plan is the distribution of assets according to one's personal desires in the manner, time, and amounts prescribed. The third booklet in our series of four booklets offers a detailed record in which to document this vital information for use by those individuals who will be asked to fulfill the estate administrative duties.
#4a: Newsletter - Your Personal Legacies
The fourth, and final issue in this series of four newsletters, is mostly concerned with the topic of legacies, especially those focussed on perpetuating one's values in the generations that follow and through enduring support for favoured charitable organizations.
#4b: Booklet - How to Add Charity to Your Legacies
This final booklet in our series of four booklets introduces a number of options for creating charitable legacies and describes how they can be structured to reduce taxes and provide for family members. It should be very helpful to readers considering the where, what, and how of charitable legacies.
EPS | Module #1
Select this item – the first of four modules featuring both the #1a Newletter and the #1b Booklet described above – at a reduced price.
EPS | Module #2
Select this item – the second of four modules featuring both the #2a Newletter and the #2b Booklet described above – at a reduced price.
EPS | Module #3
Select this item – the third of four modules featuring both the #3a Newletter and the #3b Booklet described above – at a reduced price.
EPS | Module #4
Select this item – the fourth and final module of the series, featuring both the #4a Newletter and the #4b Booklet described above – at a reduced price.
EPS | Set of all Four Modules
Select this item consisting of the entire set of four newsletters and four booklets, offered at an attractively reduced price to buying each item separately.

Consider this purchase when designing a year-long communications strategy to promote effective estate planning.

Note: If you decide to purchase this item, do not download any of the eight individual documents or any of the four module sets offered elsewhere in this series, as the text copy is exactly the same (so there is no need to purchase any of it twice!)
Life Planning Series - A: Newsletter - Planning for the End of Life
Many individuals do not effectively plan for the end of their lives. Their estate plans may be incomplete, or woefully out of date, and they may have made no advance funeral arrangements or even addressed the subject verbally or in writing. Emotionally devastated survivors are confronted with an avalanche of tasks which they are often ill-equipped to perform.

This newsletter explores the issues involved in 'end of life' planning and encourages the reader to seize the opportunity by providing a helpful checklist of the items that should be addressed.
Life Planning Series - B: Booklet - Preparing for & Coping with the Death of a Spouse
This booklet first discusses the things spouses should do together along the journey of life in anticipation of the eventual death of one of them. Then, it provides practical guidance regarding the tasks to be completed as the journey ends after a spouse has died.
Life Planning Series | Set (2)
Select this Life Planning Series set of two documents featuring both the Newletter and the Booklet texts described above – at a reduced price.
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All prices are in CDN (Canadian Dollars)

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