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Wills, Bequests & Probate

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Appointing a Guardian in your Will
This article conveys the importance of providing for a guardian when there are children in the family and highlights the considerations involved in selecting an appropriate guardian.

Stock #B7   EP    734 words
Converting a Bequest to Income
This article explores the benefits of converting a future gift by will (bequest) into a current life income plan, providing attractive benefits to interested donors and often, a major gift to your organization.

Stock #WA5   GP    414 words
Executor's Compensation in Estates
This article outlines how to estimate and provide for the cost of administering an estate.

Stock #B8   EP    520 words
The Importance of a Will
This article offers compelling reasons why you can't afford not to have a Will.

Stock #B3   PG/EP    343 words
The Will behind the Will
This article explores the personal considerations involved in making or revising a will: to whom will possessions be left, how much to each, and in what form?

Stock #B10   PG/EP    1623 words
Understanding Probate
This article provides an introductory overview of the probate process: what its purpose is, what it includes; what is costs.

Stock #B1   EP    695 words
Understanding Your Will
A Will is still the cornerstone of an effective estate plan. This article advises readers that techniques like joint ownership of property are not adequate substitutes.

Stock #B4   EP    684 words
Where There's a Will...
This article discusses various ways to make a charitable gift by will (general, specific, residual, contingent or through a testamentary charitable remainder trust) that best fit the reader's situation.

Stock #B6   PG    786 words
You've Written a Will...Now What?
This article shares sage advice with readers on organizing personal records to make clear their intentions and facilitate the administration of their estates.

Stock #B9   PG/EP    1865 words
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All prices are in CDN (Canadian Dollars)


Use the navigation to the left to find documents in the category that interests you.

All prices are in CDN (Canadian Dollars)

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