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Every communication plan requires informative, inspirational content to engage and educate readers on the different gifts types and their benefits.

We offer a variety of publication titles on numerous gift planning topics, promoting wills and bequests, gifts of retirement plan assets, gifts of life insurance, securities, charitable gift annuities, gifts of real estate and trusts.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, let PhilanthroPlan's publications guide your readers with thorough, up-to-date gift planning information on the topics that interest them.

All booklets, brochures, newsletter copy and other tools are reviewed regularly by experts to ensure absolute technical accuracy. We offer a wide variety of print-ready materials to promote planned giving, including articles, ads, postcards, sample cultivation letters and presentations.

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Designs for Giving
This comprehensive booklet describes and illustrates the various methods of making charitable gifts, explaining the tax benefits of each. Fully revised to reflect current budget provisions (2018), this copy can be used to create a persuasive target mailer, to respond to general inquiries about planned giving, as a resource for professional advisors and/or to distribute at workshops and seminars.

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Ensuring Your Wishes | A Guide to Your Will
This practical booklet will be helpful to persons thinking about drafting a new will or updating an old one. It explains how individuals can ensure that their objectives are met, both for family members and for charitable institutions they wish to support.

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Gifts by Americans to Canadian Universities
The Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty permits Americans to make tax-deductible gifts to certain Canadian Universities where they or members of their family attend or attended in the past as students. This booklet describes ways of making gifts to your institution and explains the tax benefits under U.S. law.

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Gifts of Securities
Gifts of listed securities are more attractive than ever, and charities continue to receive unprecedented numbers of such gifts. Charities also continue to receive gifts of privately-owned shares and gifts of listed securities from holding companies. This booklet discusses gifts of all types of securities and should stimulate your donors to consider making more generous, tax-effective gifts more often, funded with securities.

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Giving Through Trusts
This booklet discusses and shows clear illustrations of spousal, alter ego and family trusts, as well as charitable remainder trusts (CRT) and explains how charitable gifts can be made with all types of trusts.

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Giving with Life Insurance
After discussing life insurance in general, this booklet focuses on how to make life insurance gifts and how to use life insurance as wealth replacement to facilitate major gifts. It will be a useful resource to give both to prospective donors and life insurance agents.

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Guaranteed Payments for Life | The Charitable Gift Annuity
The gift annuity, whether self-insured or reinsured, can fill an important niche in your organization's menu of gift techniques. This booklet will help prospective donors understand how an annuity works for them and your organization. It is written so that it applies both to charities that self-insure and reinsure gift annuities and so that it won't be outdated when rates change.

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Transferring Property through Beneficiary Designations

This Year, Resolve to Update Your Estate Plan!

Contrary to popular opinion, most assets are not transferred through a will at the end of life. Here's a helpful booklet about beneficiary designations and how they can be used to effectively address your prospect's estate planning needs. 

This booklet is designed to get your prospects over their procrastination and on to reviewing their estate plan — and then making an estate gift to your organization.

Straight-forward. Understandable. Compelling. This text could truly become an elegant leave-behind that deserves to be well-designed and printed in 4 colors!

How the copy is structured:

  • Introduction 
  • What are your assets, and how do you plan to transfer them?
  • What percentage of your assets will be transferred by beneficiary designation?
  • Do these designations still express your wishes?
  • Examples of designation transfers are presented, with tax implications discussed
  • Reasons to consider a charitable gift by beneficiary designation are explored

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All prices are in CDN (Canadian Dollars)

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