Consulting Services

Since the needs of charitable organizations vary, we begin each engagement with a strategic discussion of your goals and objectives, timeline, available staff, and budget. We then prepare a written proposal addressing your objectives – tailored to your specific needs.

PhilanthroPlan’s consulting services for staff teams, boards, and volunteer leaders include:

  • Program assessments and plan development
  • Half-day and full-day planning workshops
  • In-person, online and telephone consultation

Each engagement is customized, but here are some of the ways we can help:

Assist in starting a new planned giving program (for the organization new to the process of promoting planned gifts) – services include step-by-step guidance in evaluating donor potential; securing board approval; developing policies and program budgets; designing processes for managing donor relationships and the gifts that result, as well as accounting for them and reporting about them; marketing planned gifts; recognizing planned gift donors; and recruiting and training staff. 

Provide ongoing support to a planned giving program (for the organization without a planned giving specialist on staff, but with a constituency that includes prospects for planned gifts) – services include assisting staff with gift illustrations; meeting with prospects and donors; preparing proposals; facilitating gifts; plus other activities as needed. 

Conduct an audit of an existing planned giving program (for the organization wishing to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of its planned giving efforts) –services include reviewing relevant records and interviewing key participants; examining the feasibility of offering donors new ways to make gifts; and suggesting revisions to marketing plans or administrative procedures. 

Offer guidance in the completion of particular gifts (for the institution or individual donor seeking help with specific situations) – services include gathering pertinent background data; assessing available options; designing and illustrating gift plans; and working together with all parties and their advisors to insure that gifts are properly completed.
To discuss our fees and the various methods for engaging us, call us at 1.888.613.6910 for a complimentary, 'no obligation' introductory consultation.