Life and Legacy Planning Services

Just as the Boomers changed everything in their generation, they continue to change the “rules” in philanthropy. It’s the dawn of a new day – and we believe you'll benefit from a new approach – for both current and deferred planned, major gifts. 

In many organizations, it’s challenging to get a gift planning discussion started because fundraisers generally must focus on the organization’s needs – rather than the philanthropic goals of prospective donors. It’s not wrong to tell your story and make a case based on community needs. That’s how money is raised for operating budgets, new programs, and expanded facilities.

But this kind of organization-centred focus doesn’t offer a compelling case for donors who want to create a legacy or make an enduring impact in the world through your organization.

That’s why your legacy gift planning program – the important “third leg” of the fundraising stool – needs to be donor-focused, with donor-centred features and benefits.

Your donors and prospective donors may lack confidence and clarity about their finances and their future. They want to do more that matters, but don’t know how or where to begin.

  • What are you doing to demonstrate that you understand and care about the individual realities of your donors' lives?
  • What are you doing to help them discover, clarify and articulate their dreams and passions?
  • What are you doing to help your donors see that your organization is doing work that matches their interests?
  • What tools and resources can you offer to help your donors dream more, plan better, and take action?

When your donors feel more in control and successful – because you’ve helped them discover a way to “live more and give more” – it also benefits you and your organization. 

A New Approach for a new Day in Fundraising

Philanthro Plan is now offering a new program – unlike any you have likely already tried. It's a service that donors and prospective donors tell us they need and want. It will help differentiate your organization from the scores of other charities trying to get your donors’ attention. It helps you by helping them first. And it works!

PhilanthroPlan consultants become much more than simply an outsourced gift planning service.  We augment your development office team, able to utilize all of the experience, talents, and abilities of other PhilanthroPlan team members.

The lifeblood of our joint efforts is the relationships you have with your donors, and the success of our partnership depends on finding the “right” donors for this process.

We will initially spend time considering who the “right” donors are for this program within your organization and carefully plan how we will introduce planning opportunities to those donors and prospective donors.
We begin by spending time with you and your organization, familiarizing ourselves with your culture.  Each charitable organization provides donors with a different opportunity to fulfill their personal philanthropic desires. When we understand your mission, we can help you identify the donors who will most likely have the desire and ability to support your organization through a charitable estate plan.

Once we've developed an initial list, we help you identify the donors that are your most urgent candidates for our planning services. We formulate a schedule to introduce the planning process to these donors and ask them to sit down with the PhilanthroPlan consultant.

We help your organization become the local resource for planned giving information. We can provide articles for you to forward on a periodic basis to local professionals on topics relevant to estate planning and charitable giving. We can also provide articles to educate your donors which you may amend and add to your newsletters or send as a letter of introduction (we will assist you in deciding on the most effective use of these informative articles).

As a PhilanthroPlan client, you will have access to a client-only section of our website where many articles, sample letters, presentations, and other templates on a broad range of subjects are available from our experienced team. We believe that your team will benefit from our experience and your organization will be the beneficiary of many more planned gifts.

By partnering with PhilanthroPlan, your donors will have access to a valuable service designed to benefit them, their heirs, and your organization. 

To discuss our fees and the various methods for engaging us, call us at 1.888.613.6910 for a complimentary, 'no obligation' introductory consultation.